Alien Magic - E.T Ceramic Wax KIT | 50ml Glass Jar + 3" Applicator + Plush Cloth

Alien Magic - E.T Ceramic Wax KIT | 50ml Glass Jar + 3" Applicator + Plush Cloth

Alien Magic
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Alien Magic E.T Ceramic Wax is the Ultimate and the latest addition to our ever growing range of products.

E.T contains the most advanced raw materials including latest ceramic components and advanced polymers to create the Ultimate sacrificial barrier between the road conditions and your delicate paintwork reducing dirt and grime making it much easier to maintain whilst offering outstanding protection, extreme gloss and fantastic durability.

Key Benefits

  • Easy on Easy off application
  • Enhance colour depth with mirror like effect
  • Creates hydrophobic barrier that repels contaminants on contact
  • Ensures routine washing of the vehicle is easier and less time consuming
  • 6-9 months durability
  • Suitable for paint and carbon fibre
  • Presented in Satin Black Glass Jar
  • Apple & Mint Scent
  • 50ml will cover 4-5 single applications ( car size dependant )
  • Very low product consumption ( less is more )

Car Care Advice

E.T Ceramic Wax provides magnificent protection to your cars paintwork from the everyday harsh environmental conditions and to maintain it’s properties we highly recommend using ph neutral products.

Directions for use:

Thoroughly prepare and clean the paintwork before application. Apply to cool and dry paintwork in circular motion one panel at a time using soft applicator. Allow to haze ( 5-10 min weather dependent ) buff to deep shine with clean dry and clean microfibre cloth.

KIT consists of the following:

  • E.T Ceramic Wax 50ml
  • 3″ Soft Applicator
  • Super Plush Buffing Cloth 40×40