Auto Finesse - Rejuvenate (100ml) Fusion Wax (30ml) Sample Set

Auto Finesse - Rejuvenate (100ml) Fusion Wax (30ml) Sample Set

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Sample Kit


100ml Rejuvenate Paintwork Cleaner

30ml Fusion Wax



Specifically developed to enhance both the beauty and performance of our Signature Waxes, Rejuvenate is an advanced abrasive pre-wax cleanser, that offers a quick and easy way of delivering a striking, concours-level finish.

Made up of a specially-selected blend of glazing oils, deep-cleansing solvents and fine diminishing abrasives, this next-generation cleaning and correction compound is capable of removing light swirl marks, oxidation and other stubborn contaminants, filling and obscuring light scratches, to make the most of the characteristics of any wax protection layers applied over the top.

Car polishes, compounds and paint cleansers use sharp, abrasive particles to physically remove a tiny layer of the top surface of your paintwork. Regardless of whether application is on modern two-stage paint with a clearcoat layer or vintage topcoats, the idea is to level down the entire area to make the blemishes disappear without the risk of locking them into the finish when applying your protection layers. Paint defects are immediately noticeable because they refract and inconstantly direct the light bouncing back to your eye, physically levelling and smoothing surfaces removes these defects to allow the light to reflect more uniformly, resulting in a deeper, glossier and more refined look. The combination of special diminishing abrasives and deep cleansing solvents developed for Rejuvenate gently refine paintwork to remove light swirling and other fine defects, while simultaneously cutting through the oxidation caused when paintwork reacts with the oxygen in the air to bring on a dull, faded appearance. Aside from bringing back the shine, these fine abrasives are also specially selected because they break down quickly and work through easily, rounding them off on a microscopic scale with only the lightest pressure applied. This makes Rejuvenate the perfect pre-wax preparation product for application by hand as well as machine polisher.


Fusion Wax

Fusion Hybrid car wax is a perfectly balanced blend of Brazilian T1-Grade carnauba and advanced synthetic polymers designed to give the warm look of a natural hard car wax, but with the prolonged durability of a man-made paint sealant.

Expertly engineered to offer the ultimate show-worthy finish for daily drivers and other vehicles which require extended periods of protection, Fusion offers more than double the durability of most carnauba-based hard car waxes. These extreme longevity characteristics are derived directly from the highest resilience to heat, detergents and UV damage provided by the inclusion of the most cutting-edge man-made ingredients and synthetic polymers.

With a consistency specifically developed to spread thinly and buff easily for up to 8-months of protection and extreme water behaviour, Fusion is suitable for any paint type and ideal for those looking for the endurance that only polymer-based liquid sealants can provide, but without the often harsh, sterile high-gloss finish. Instead, Fusion introduces a depth of shine and warm gloss more comparable to a natural show wax with a high carnauba content.

Car waxes and paint sealants offer protection by physically bonding to surfaces on a molecular level to form a barrier to the elements that’s impenetrable to moisture and grime. Because water and particulates cannot hold on to the smooth top layer - or bond to the surface underneath - they simply bead or disperse. This means that relatively sensitive surfaces such as paintwork and gloss plastics are not only protected from contamination that may lead to irreversible defects and premature corrosion, but will be far easier to clean the next time routine maintenance is performed.

Like man-made protection layers that are designed to leave an intense shine, natural waxes level the optical finish to make painted surfaces appear glossier. On a microscopic scale paintwork - even polished paintwork - isn’t completely flat, it contains a variety of ruts and recesses that diffract light in different directions. By filling and essentially smoothing out these minute defects, the light is allowed to bounce back to the eye more uniformly giving the appearance of a deeper, shinier surface. The difference with waxes such as carnauba, is that they contain trace amounts of natural impurities that are capable of slightly bending and absorbing light, this is how they create the warm glow and depth often associated with a show-worthy, concours finish.

Fusion Hybrid Wax is supplied in an 80mm metal tin embossed with the classic Auto Finesse Signature Logo and comes complete with a premium storage pouch. To get the most from your wax we recommend application with our soft foam Waxmate XL or Wax Spot Pad(part of our Handi Puck System), which are specifically designed to fit neatly into each tin. A quarter to half a turn of these applicators is all you need to coat each panel thinly and evenly.

For final buffing to a deep, rich gloss, we recommend utilising our Micro Tweed Buffing Towel which has been specifically developed for use with waxes and features special pockets within the microfibre weave to aid safe residue removal and prevent clogging. For an impeccable finish you can also opt for our ultra-soft microfibre Primo Plush - the ultimate, premium finishing cloth for any paint type.