AutoBead - Polish - 500ml.

AutoBead - Polish - 500ml

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"Incredibly easy to use and leaves a beautifully glossy shine." - Detailed Essex

Remove surface imperfections such as light swirls and oxidation whilst leaving a smooth and glossy finish.

This micro abrasive cleansing polish can be applied by hand, preparing the vehicles paintwork perfectly, ready for the application of your chosen wax or sealant.


  • Micro abrasive cleansing polish
  • Application by hand
  • Smooth and glossy finish
How to Apply

Apply the leather cleaner using the process outlined below:

  • Spray directly onto leather surface, avoiding stitching
  • Agitate using a soft detailing brush to create a foam, and remove dirt.
  • Wait for surface to absorb foam dry.
  • Use clean and damp cloth to wipe the surface clean.