Ceramic Shield Applicator.

Ceramic Shield Applicator

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Product Description

Ceramic Shield foam applicator has been designed to be used with our Ceramic Shield Suede towels for the application of our Ceramic Shield coatings. Our applicator sponge has been designed with splits in the side of the applicator to hold the Ceramic Shield suede securely when coating your car.

The Ceramic Shield application block features 2 layers. A top hard foam block that’s easy to hold when using and a thin open cell foam layer that has been designed to flex around curves and edges when applying you’re coating.

Stamped with the Ceramic Shield logo on the coating block.

Wrap the Ceramic Shield suede around the open cell foam and ease the suede towel into the side of the application block until secure.

Ceramic Shield application block size – 9cm x 5.5cm x 2cm