Ceramic Shield Wax Microfibre Applicator.

Ceramic Shield Wax Microfibre Applicator

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Product Description

Ultra Spray Wax Applicator

Premium grade microfibre applicator which sits perfectly in our Ceramic Shield range. Ideal to be used with our Ceramic Ultra Spray Wax but it can also be used to apply other AD polishes waxes, sealants and dressings.

The soft microfibre fabric covers the foam pad and delivers just the right amount of product evenly to the surface without saturating the sponge or wasting product. With the right amount of pressure and completely flat to the surface our Ceramic Shield microfibre applicators deliver the best results every time!

Product Features

  • Perfect for Ceramic Shield Ultra Spray Wax
  • Fits snuggly into the palm of the hand
  • Premium grade soft microfibre
  • Deliver the best results every time with the Ultra Spray Wax