Chemworx Collection - Inside Out - Multi Surface Cleaner

Chemworx Collection - Inside Out - Multi Surface Cleaner

Chemworx Collection
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Chemworx inside-out ready to use PH neutral interior cleanser was developed for interior deep cleaning. Formulated to safely clean all interior surfaces including even the most sensitive of materials including Leather and alcantara. 

Inside-out is not limited to interior surfaces, it also cleans exterior surfaces of your vehicle and can be used around the home. 

Areas of application.

* Interior hard surfaces
* Leather
* Fabric / Upholstery
* Exterior body work
* Chrome
* Alloy wheels
* Home care


Inside-out works on dashes and hard interior surfaces as well as the soft fabrics and leather.

At home it is great too on anything fabrix or textile, carpets etc to give a quick spray and scrub when you have a spill.

So the spiel is relatively short… It is a ph neutral cleaner, with strong cleaning power and it produces a strong and dry foam. The importance of the dry foam is that it does not penetrate so deeply into fabrics and that means that the depths don’t end up wet for extended time and more at risk from mould. Additionally, when it does dry, there are no sticky residues as you will get with a generic cleaner or APC.

Whilst such products will clean well, and will seem good, they leave microscopically sticky residues and these are an anchor for dirt – so the fabrics then end up dirtier, faster, than before you cleaned them.