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Dark Glaze

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DARK Glaze!

One of our most exciting products in recent years this very easy to use product will do the following:

Cleans paintwork of waxes, some contamination, some etching may also be removed

It contains high active fillers which dramatically restore the look of older paintwork creating a smooth gloss which is slippery to the touch. 

Massive increase in reflective gloss! Whether your vehicle is newer or older our glazes take the cars appearance to another level. 

Applied simply by machine or hand glaze is ready to remove in just 2-5 minutes 

Glaze is completely powder free, waste no time cleaning plastics and door checks from polish residues ever again

Glaze is best used as a primer which is then waxed over or has a sealant applied. 

How To Use: Dark Glaze is designed to enhance gloss and vehicle appearance by chemically cleaning the paintwork and using pigmented silicone fillers to conceal defects like fine scratches. Hand Application: Apply 2 or 3 pea size drops to a soft foam or microfiber pad and dab onto several areas of the panel you are working on, begin to spread evenly in overlapping circular motions until the panel is completely covered with a thin layer of product. Allow up to 5 minutes to cure before removing with a clean dry microfiber towel. By Machine: Begin by seasoning your soft finishing pad with a single spray of water, apply 3 pea size drops of Dark Glaze to the pad and dab the glaze on several areas of the body panel. Set your machine to its slowest speed and begin to gently guide the machine in overlapping straight lines, using no pressure. Allow up to 5 minutes to cure before removing with a soft microfiber towel.