Dr Beasley's AdvanceCoat:Gloss 4oz 118ml

Dr Beasley's AdvanceCoat:Gloss 4oz 118ml

Dr Beasleys
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Dr Beasley’s AdvanceCoat:Gloss provides a maintenance boost to existing nano and ceramic coatings on your car.

Nano coatings can lose gloss and beading qualities as time goes by. Dr Beasleys AdvanceCoat prolongs the life of your coating by increasing gloss and water repellence. Simply spray the product onto your paintwork, which has an existing nano coating, and wipe off. It’s recommended that AdvanceCoat is used once every 6 months to extend the life of your coating.

AdvanceCoat can also be used on non-Dr Beasley’s ceramic coatings and once applied will make your paintwork look like it has just been freshly coated with resin. As well as adding an intense gloss finish to your paint it also fills in any imperfections. The formula ensures intense water beading and keeps contaminants off your paint.


-         Extends the life of your coating

-         Adds hydrophobicity

-         High gloss finish

-         Spray on and wipe off