Dr Beasley's Bug Barrier 12oz 360ml

Dr Beasley's Bug Barrier 12oz 360ml

Dr Beasleys
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Dr Beasleys Bug Barrier creates a barrier of protection that prevents damage from bug splatter and makes cleaning the residue off much easier.

When you use Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier, all you need to do to clean bug residue off your paint is simply rinse them away with water. Bug Barrier doesn’t just tackle bugs, it will also protect your paint from small rock chips, tar, sap, and other light contaminants.

In the past, the only way to ensure that all the remains were removed effectively was to use extremely strong cleaners that ran the risk of damaging your paint as much as the bugs themselves. Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier takes all the risk out of cleaning insects off your paint and speeds the process up greatly.

Bug Barrier is a clear layer of protection that you apply to the front of your car or any other area that is frequently affected by bug remains.

You don’t have to worry about any potential etching and staining. The bug debris will simply rest on top of the durable layer of protection. The acids from the remains will never be given the opportunity to eat away at your clear coat.


1. Shake well

2. Spray directly onto a clean microfibre cloth. Wipe the surface, being sure to get full, even coverage

3. Let dry

4. Reapply after heavy rain and each wash for maximum protection