Dr Beasley's Film Coating Kit

Dr Beasley's Film Coating Kit

Dr Beasleys
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Dr Beasleys Film Coating Kit is a ceramic coating system designed specifically for paint protection films (PPF), wraps, vinyl, and other thermoplastics.

It protects against yellowing, fading, etching and staining, while also keeping self-healing properties and making the surface superhydrophobic.

Film Coating works by creating a cross-linked bond with your PPF’s thermoplastic surface, fostering a permanent barrier that lasts the lifetime of the film. Once bonded the coating will resist micro-marring and etching, inhibit UV rays, bead and sheet liquids, and preserve self-healing properties.


1. Before applying Film Coating, ensure the PPF or clear bra is free of contaminants using Dr. Beasley's Film Cleanser.

2. Spray Film Coating Prep onto a film-wrapped panel and remove with a microfibre cloth. This will remove any excess residues and provide anchor points for Film Coating to bond with.

3. Wrap the suede cloth around the foam block applicator and apply ~10 drops of Film Coating down the cloth in a line.

4. Start by applying Film Coating in vertical lines down the panel. After covering the panel with vertical lines, go back and repeat with horizontal lines. This crosshatch pattern will ensure full coverage. Avoid getting the product in panel gaps.

5. When you see the product flashing (it will appear slightly iridescent), wipe the panel with a clean, dry microfibre towel.

6. Repeat steps 4-5 on each panel until all of the vehicle's film-wrapped surfaces are coated. Reapply several drops of Film Coating on your applicator after a few panels.

7. After coating, leave the vehicle undisturbed for one hour.


-         Permanent ceramic coating

-         Increases UV resistance

-         Preserves self-healing properties

-         Works on paint protection films, wraps, and vinyl

Kit contains:

(1) 1 oz Film Coating

(1) 2 oz Film Coating Prep

(1) Foam Block Applicator

(2) Suede Cloths