Dr Beasley's Formula 1201 Nano Coating 4oz 118ml

Dr Beasley's Formula 1201 Nano Coating 4oz 118ml

Dr Beasleys
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Dr Beasley’s Formula 1201 is a polymer-based nano coating for car paint and vinyl wraps. 

This liquid paint coating provides unrivalled protection, durability and shine to your car’s surface. The coating can be applied when the car is still wet. When it comes into contact with the water it turns into a gel which then forges a strong molecular bond with the paint’s surface. 

One ounce of Formula 1201, applied with a foam applicator pad, will protect your entire car for up to a year. It offers far greater longevity than a sealant or wax and lasts for hundreds of car washes. 

As the car does not have to be dry when applied, a great amount of time is saved. You can simply wash your car, rinse away the suds and apply the coating. 

The liquid formula ensures easy application and means that no waxy residue builds up on the surface.


-         Liquid coating for paint and vinyl wraps

-         One ounce will protect an entire car

-         Apply when wet

-         More longevity than a sealant or wax