Dr Beasley's Ink Remover Kit For Leather

Dr Beasley's Ink Remover Kit For Leather

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Dr Beasley’s Ink Remover Kit permanently removes ink stains from all types of leather surfaces.

Ink Remover safely and effectively removes stains from ball point pen or fountain pen ink from your leather surfaces and restores these surfaces with nutrients.

The kit contains:

-         1 x Ink Remover - 15ml

-         1 x Finishing Cream - 4ml

-         10 x Application Swabs

-         1 x Microfibre Towel

Use the kit to permanently remove water and oil based ink stains from leather surfaces including car interiors, home furniture, hand bags and shoes.

The kit safely removes ink stains from pigmented or top coated leather, semi-aniline, bicast, two tone, mottled or antique finished leather surfaces. It also works on vinyl and faux leather.

Get started by dipping the application swab into the bottle of Ink Remover and gently rub the stain with the saturated swab. Once you see the ink being loosened, take the microfibre towel and dab the area gently. Repeat the process with a new swab until the stain is completely removed. Don’t re-use the same swab. To finish use the cloth to gently apply the Finishing Cream.


-         Removes ink stains from leather and restores nutrients

-         Use on car interiors, home furniture, handbags and more

-         Not for use on suede, aniline or pull-up style leathers