Dr Beasley's Insect Remover 12oz 360ml

Dr Beasley's Insect Remover 12oz 360ml

Dr Beasleys
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Dr Beasley’s Insect Remover is a safe, easy-to-use solution for removing bug splatter from your vehicle.

Sometimes normal car shampoos might not completely remove bug residue from your car’s paint and this can lead to etching and scratches. Insect Remover safely and effectively removes built up bug splatter with ease.

Insect Remover contains a special solvent that works to soften caked on bugs and enables you to rinse them away easily. The formula is safe to use on all painted surfaces and will not damage the finish of your car.

Before you use Insect Remover thoroughly rinse the surface. Shake the bottle well and spray directly onto the area and then rinse off. Use a Bug Sponge or towel to remove any stubborn residue. Do not let the product dry on the surface and do not apply to hot or newly painted surfaces.


-         Safely removes insect residue from your vehicle

-         Safe to use on bonnets, grills, bumpers, fenders and more

-         Prevents residue build up which can lead to etching and scratching