Dr Beasley's Leather Lock 12oz 360ml

Dr Beasley's Leather Lock 12oz 360ml

Dr Beasleys
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Dr Beasleys Leather Lock protects leather against spills, stains and general soiling. Forming a layer of hydrophobic protection over the surface, it repels water, resists contamination and makes cleaning easier.

Leather Lock’s hydrophobic effect ensures liquids are repelled from the surface, making it near-impossible for stains to take hold.

It creates an invisible barrier that shields leather against daily wear from touching and sitting, keeping it looking newer for longer.

Resistance against day-to-day soiling prevents stubborn messes, making cleaning all the easier.

Leather Lock’s breathable layer of protectionpreserves the soft feel of leather and will not change its look in any way.

All leather surfaces can be cleaned with Fine Leather Cleanser. Use it on your wallet, purse or living room sofa. If it’s leather, Leather Lock can protect it!


1. Clean leather surface completely to ensure optimal protection.

2. Saturate a soft, clean microfibre towel with the product. Do not spray directly onto surface.

3. Wipe the surface with saturated towel, overlapping to maintain even coverage.

4. Once applied, do not disturb the surface for at least 3 hours or until completely dry. Leather Lock will take 24-48 hours before it fully cures and takes effect.


-         Hydrophobic protection for leather

-         Repels stains

-         Preserves soft feel of leather