Dr Beasley's Matte Wheel Seal 12oz 360ml

Dr Beasley's Matte Wheel Seal 12oz 360ml

Dr Beasleys
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Dr Beasley’s Matt Wheel Seal is a sealant for matt wheels that protects against the environment and brake dust build-up.

This matt wheel sealant provides a layer of protection and prevents damage caused by brake dust, road tar and other road contaminants. It also protects wheels from etching, pitting, and paint erosion.

Matt Wheel Seal contains no wax or silicone making it safe for matt wheels. It uses a technologically advanced synthetic formula that outlasts the majority of wax or oil based wheel protectants on the market.

This wheel sealant makes maintaining your wheels extremely easy. Just rinse your wheels and watch contaminants and brake dust slide straight off.

Spray Matt Wheel Seal onto the surface of the wheel and let cure for 5-7 minutes before buffing it with a microfibre cloth.


-         Wheel sealant safe for matt wheels

-         Provides a layer of protection against contaminants

-         Contains no wax or silicone