Flex Polymer Spray Sealant.
Flex Polymer Spray Sealant.
Flex Polymer Spray Sealant.

Flex Polymer Spray Sealant

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FLEX is a polymer sealant constructed from reactive polymers applied using a snow foam lance, providing maximum performance, ease of use and exceptional results.

FLEX will secure a deep, glossy finish with the added benefit of a hydrophobic coating that will display both water sheeting and beading. This highly durable water repellent finish will protect your paintwork and glass for a solid 6-8 weeks on a well-maintained vehicle. One bottle will provide 20 applications (@5ml per application).

Recommended Maintenance: Duel Engage pH Neutral Snow Foam and Duel Bahama Blue Shampoo.


  • Easy to use & maintain
  • Deep gloss finish
  • Hydrophobic coating
  • 6-8 weeks durability
  • 20 applications per bottle
  • 75p per application

How to use: 

  1. Measure out 5ml using the enclosed measuring cup and syringe.
  2. Add to 250ml of water in your snow foam lance. 
  3. Apply to entire vehicle exterior, including glass surfaces. 
  4. Allow around 4-5 minutes dwell time. 
  5. Pressure wash off thoroughly.
  6. Rinse Lance out thoroughly

Caution: Do not allow it to dry or use in direct sunlight.

100ml Bottle