GYEON - Q²M Vinyl Cleaner

GYEON - Q²M Vinyl Cleaner

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Gyeon - Q²M Vinyl Cleaner

A ready to use, daily vinyl cleaner leaving a natural matte finish with light anti-static properties.

Gyeon Q²M VinylCleaner is a gentle maintenance product formulated for regular use. It will not discolor or fade any interior trim. Removes dust and light dirt spots in a flash. Does not leave any residue behind, preparing the surface for Q²M Preserve.

GyeonQ²M VinylCleaner has light anti-static properties, making it a great everyday product for the interior of your car.

Application Advice:

Spray on a high quality short hair microfiber cloth. Clean the surface, then wipe dry with another side of the fiber cloth.

500ml Bottle with sprayer.