Heavy Grade Clay Bar.

Heavy Grade Clay Bar

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Product Description

Heavy Grade clay for effective removal of heavy contamination from your vehicle.

Heavy Grade Cleaner Clay has been designed to remove insects, tree sap,  paint overspray, fallout, rust particles, tar spots, brake dust and all other heavily ingrained contaminants on your paintwork. It is a tough sticky clay that will pick up the harmful contaminants with ease from paintwork leaving the surface as smooth as smooth can be ready for the polishing stage. This clay is engineered to remove the most stubborn contamination from painted surfaces before paint correction, whilst minimising marring. For a mar-free finish, we recommend our Fine Grade Clay.

Packed in 200g bars and ideal for approx 6-10 applications. We recommend Berry Blast diluted 1:10 for clay lubricant.

Product Features

  • Aggressive clay for use before paint correction
  • Will remove ingrained contaminants from the paint surface that Fine clay may not
  • Ideal for paint overspray and very heavy contamination
  • Ideal for approx 6-10 applications
  • 200 grams