Infinity Wax Diablo PTFE Wax 50ml.

Infinity Wax Diablo PTFE Wax 50ml

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Astonishing protection and performance, even in the harshest conditions Ideal for:

    Winter Wax
    Motorcycle tanks and fairings
    Track cars
    Taxis and high use vehicles
    Concourse cars and vehicles in storage
    General use for long term results

How To Use: Apply DIABLO to clean dry paintwork only, we recommend fully decontaminating your paint before application including removal of any previous waxes. Spread DIABLO lightly on 1-2 panels at a time using a dry foam application pad. Allow 3 minutes to cure before removal with a clean dry microfiber towel. Do not apply DIABLO in direct sunlight, adjust curing time to suit your environment and monitor your work area closely. Allow 1-12 hours before applying a second coating of DIABLO