Mammoth Infinity Buffing Towel.

Mammoth Infinity Buffing Towel

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The Mammoth Infinity Edgeless Buffing Cloth is a super plush, super soft and super absorbent cloth ideal for buffing off waxes and polishes, as well as drying.

The cloth is manufactured from a heavyweight 600gsm microfibre. This edgeless towel is so soft it will not scratch or mar delicate finishes. Wipe off wax and polish residue and buff to a high gloss with confidence.

This microfibre buffing cloth has a medium nap so it won’t feel grabby when wiping off stubborn compound or polish residue. This medium nap also makes the cloth perfect for the final buff.

Use the Infinity Edgeless Buffing Cloth with a quick detailer spray to remove light dust and fingerprints. The medium nap works to trap dust and dirt away from the finish so you won’t scratch or mar the finish as you wipe.

The Infinity buffing towel is truly edgeless thanks to its ultra-sonic cut border. With a non-hemmed edge, this towel is 100% scratch free.

  • Machine washable
  • Extra soft and absorbent
  • No tags to prevent scratching
  • Quick drying between uses
  • Lint-Free / non-abrasive
  • Size: 40 x 40cm