Mammoth Nemo Wash Mitt - Extra Fluffy Microfibre Orange

Mammoth Nemo Wash Mitt - Extra Fluffy Microfibre Orange

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The Mammoth Nemo Wash Mitt is made from super-soft microfibre to gently clean your paintwork.

This super-fluffy car wash mitt safely removes dirt and contaminants from your paint. The special built-in sponge absorbs a huge amount of water to give you longer working time.

The long microfibre strands gently lift dirt from the surface of your car. Contaminants stay in the long strands until you dip the mitt into your rinse bucket. This reduces the risk of scratches and ensures no swirl marks are left on your paintwork.

The Nemo Wash Mitt is extra-safe on your paintwork and comes with a soft cuff.


-         Fluffy microfibre car wash mitt

-         Safely removes dirt from paintwork

-         Soft cuff for extra safety