Martin Cox Microfibre Wash Mitt.

Martin Cox Microfibre Wash Mitt

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Martin Cox MicroTough Wash Mitt 

• Advanced Microfibre Technology Dense Pile.
• High performance thick supersoft Microfibre wash mitt.
• Split varied length strands help lift off the dirt for optimum contaminent release.
• Highly absorbent foam core so holds loads of water.
• Thick foam core soaks up shampoo suds for maximum wash potential.
• Helps prevent swirl marks and scratches due to softness.
• Advanced Microfibre Technology.
• One size fits all with high neck elastic/cotton cuff.
• Easy to clean and machine washable.
• Professional & Hard Wearing.

The Professional Cleaning Solution.

Directions for use
Rinse vehicle with water to remove loose dirt and grime.
Rinse mitt prior to use.
Submerge mitt in shampoo water solution
Wipe vehicle surface with gentle circular motion.
Regularly rinse the mitt with clean water to remove dirt and particles
(To prevent possible surface scratching).