Mothers - Powerball 2

Mothers - Powerball 2

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Mothers PowerBall 2 is the newly re-designed polishing tool that is ideal for deep-dish wheels and those unreachable rear-facing edges and contours.  

Mothers original PowerBall has been refined with a new, elongated shape to improve the usable polishing area and includes the new Quick Swap Bit extension so that you’ll have total control over the contours of your vehicle.

Mothers PowerBall 2 attaches to your drill and allows you to use all sides of the tool, giving quick work to any uncoated, polishable metal finish for that mirror-like shine. Unlike flat pads, you’ll have the advantage of polishing more surface area, cutting your detailing time in half. Combine with your favourite metal polish.


Attach Mothers PowerBall 2 to any variable-speed drill and polish the wheel or wheel-wells of your vehicle. For best results, use a microfibre towel to buff the polished surface to a shine.


-         New shape to improve usable polishing area

-         Ideal for deep-dish wheels

-         Attaches to your drill