Mothers -  PowerBall Mini

Mothers - PowerBall Mini

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The Mothers PowerBall Mini takes your intricate, hard to reach, tedious polishing jobs and makes them easy. It retains the signature speed, ruggedness, and versatility of the original Mothers PowerBall, while adding reach and pinpoint accuracy for those knuckle-busting jobs.

Made from professional grade, closed-cell foam, the Mother Mini PowerBall gently (but effectively) polishes surfaces that you previously had to polish by hand. The foam, which is designed to be both sturdy and flexible, is safe on metal, plastic, fiberglass, glass, and even coated or painted surfaces. The foam will easily pass over small protrusions without ripping.

The Mothers PowerBall Mini is reversible too. When the ball's performance is affected by wear, unscrew the bit with a 10mm spanner and flip the ball. Reassemble the ball and you can use the new side of the foam.

The foam ball is made to be used with an electric drill. The ball features a drill bit and extension piece that inserts into the drill.

The Mothers Mini Powerball is perfect for polishing wheels, chequer plate, engine components, and much more.

The PowerBall Mini measures 75mm in diameter and has a 250mm extension.