Poorboy's World Boar's Hair Detailing Brush - 18mm

Poorboy's World Boar's Hair Detailing Brush - 18mm

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Poorboy’s World Detailing Brushes are available in four different sizes. The versatile brushes, made with boar’s hair, are designed for fine interior and exterior detailing.

Boar’s hair is known for its soft touch and is ideal for use on sensitive surfaces. Although boar’s hair is soft it is also extremely durable and will provide years of cleaning. The bristles are also chemical resistant and can be used with all types of cleaners.

The plastic handles are ergonomically designed and chemical resistant. 

The brushes are extremely handy to have in your detailing arsenal due to their versatility. You can use the detailing brushes to clean and detail interior parts, such as leather, vents, cupholders and seat cracks. In addition, the brushes are perfect for detailing exterior parts like emblems, grilles, lug nuts, wheel and rim crevices and seams, brake callipers, and engine bays.


-         Soft boar’s hair bristles

-         Perfect for fine interior & exterior detailing

-         Use to clean sensitive surfaces