ShineMate - Black Diamond Red Finishing Pad 6"

ShineMate - Black Diamond Red Finishing Pad 6"

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The ShineMate Black Diamond Red Foam Pad has very light cleaning action for removal of ultra-fine swirl marks, car wash scratches, and hazing, leaving a swirl-free gloss finish when used in conjunction with finishing polishes.

This pad is perfect for the application of glazes to leave a very gloss deep shine finish.

The most notable feature about this pad is the diamond face, designed to reduce heat build and polish splatter. It also reduces the surface friction keeping the surface cooler and more controllable.

These pads can be used on scratch resistant and high solid ceramic paints. They are developed for use with both rotary and DA polishers.

Black Diamond pads also have a bevelled edge for maximum safety.

Size: 6 inch (150mm) pad

Product code: 34116-7