ZviZZer - Graphene Ceramic Coating - 50ml
ZviZZer - Graphene Ceramic Coating - 50ml
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ZviZZer - Graphene Ceramic Coating - 50ml

ZviZZer - Graphene Ceramic Coating - 50ml

Protect And Shine
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There is no doubt that Graphene Ceramic Coat appeals to connoisseurs. You pay a premium price to get a premium product. But the experience from application to result and to the subsequent maintenance is all worth it.

The benefits of Graphene Coating

The coating sets all the advantages of choosing a coating with graphene technology:

  • The varnish becomes significantly more glossy
  • The varnish becomes ultra, as in really ultra hydrophobic
  • The paint becomes extremely, as in really extremely easy to clean
  • You have less risk of limescale stains
  • You have a high resistance to acid damage from insects and bird droppings
  • The coating is anti-static, so it does not attract dust in the same way.

Something we would particularly like to point out is the water/dirt-repellent surface that the paint gets.

One of the most frequent reasons why we scratch the paint and add washing scratches is that we rub dirt around the paint. But knowing that the dirt is very likely to stick very well when you have it sealed with Graphene Ceramic Coat – you will be able to remove so much dirt with your insect remover and foam pre-wash alone that it is a risk that suddenly becomes very, very small . And that just means for you that your car will have the freshly polished and super shiny look that the coating gives, for a really, really long time.

5 years or 50,000 km

Graphene Ceramic Coat has a long shelf life. So long that for many it lasts for more years than they have their car. And with the knowledge we have about the product and its durability of up to 50,000 km – we must say that it is quite conservative. This is based on the fact that you, who choose to invest in this coating, probably also know how to properly look after and care for your car afterwards.

Content:  50 ml

Make sure that the paint is at least  chemically and mechanically cleaned and polished.

Have a coating kit ready for applying the coating.

  1. Spray all panels with ZviZZer Clean Top .
  2. Apply a velor cloth around the applicator
  3. Put 12-18 drops on a velor cloth
  4. Apply the coating to an area of ??40 x 40 cm at a time in crisscrossing motions with a small overlap on each pass.
  5. Then apply a new strip of coating on the velor cloth and apply again on 40 x 40 cm.
  6. When 1-3 minutes have passed, wipe off the coating with a microfiber cloth . Use a cloth to wipe off the coating, as well as a clean dry cloth to wipe with.

We also recommend that:

  • Change the velor cloths after every 2-3 panels
  • Work with good lighting
  • Make sure you have enough fresh microfiber cloths
  • Remember to throw away the  microfiber media/applicators for application and wiping when you are finished