Zvizzer  - Graphene  Spray Coat - 250ml

Zvizzer - Graphene Spray Coat - 250ml

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One of the strongest coatings developed for optimal and long-lasting protection. Its hexagonal molecules form a super tough non-stick crystal shield that protects the paint from damage caused by insects, dirt, chemicals, UV, and other harmful environmental factors. Higher hydrophobicity and more scratch-resistant properties than conventional coatings due to higher contact angle. Result - fewer swirls, less dirt, fewer watermarks. Antistatic properties - extreme dust-repellency.

Application: Clean and degrease the surface. Spray product onto an applicator. Distribute the product evenly on the paint surface. Work panel by panel. Let the product settle for 1-3 minutes and remove excess with a microfiber cloth. Polish by hand for a high-gloss and streak-free result.

Caution: Do not apply in direct sunlight. Do not leave to dry. Store at 10-25°C