Alchemy Cosmos Glass Cleaner 500ml

Alchemy Cosmos Glass Cleaner 500ml

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Cosmos is all you need for streak-free, sparkling glass as clear as the stars themselves.

Cosmos Glass Cleaner is a fast flashing, highly concentrated blend of distilled solvents making this one of the easiest to use glass cleaners on the market, cutting through grease, grime and those pesky fingerprints on glass with ease. With the power to cut through even vape residue, whilst being safe enough to use on acrylics, plexiglass and even tinted windows Cosmos will be sure to attract many fans who want an easy to use, no nonsense glass cleaner with industry leading results.


Use Cosmos alongside a microfibre towel, simply spray onto glass and buff off.


-         Streak free

-         Easy to buff off

-         Sparkling results

-         Use on all glass