Alchemy - Light Matter Glaze - 500ml

Alchemy - Light Matter Glaze - 500ml

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Alchemy Light Matter is a high gloss glaze for light coloured paints.

It will hide light blemishes and imperfections and bring back your paint's mojo.

Light coloured paints often lose their lustre or look flat, and so getting a product that works specifically for this paint is important. Light Matter uses a blend of ingredients including oils that work to bring out the gloss and shine of your paint.

Light Matter can be used by hand or machine.


By hand: You can use Light Matter on a foam or microfibre applicator while working small areas at a time. Add a pea-sized amount to the pad and spread across the paint. Allow to haze over before using a microfibre cloth to buff to a glossy shine.

By machine: Light Matter works well alongside a light foam polishing pad with a machine polisher. Add 3 pea-sized amounts around the pad. Use a low speed setting and spread the glaze over a small area, leave to haze before buffing to a deep gloss with a microfibre towel.


-         Can be used by hand or machine

-         Hide minor blemishes & imperfections

-         Bring back gloss & shine

-         Brings light paint back to life