Alien Magic - Bike Cleaner - Concentrated 200ml

Alien Magic - Bike Cleaner - Concentrated 200ml

Alien Magic
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Bike Cleaner

Our Bike Cleaner Concentrate is a fast acting dirt and grime remover that will remove baked on traffic film, salt, and general grime and is safe to use on Motorcycles, Push Bikes, Quads and ATV’s.

This innovative product has been designed to give maximum flexibility and cleaning power depending on the dilution ratio used with 6 recommended variations covering all the common tasks regularly undertaken in the cleaning and maintenance of your bike from light and even heavy duty degreasing jobs to the removal of heavy dirt and road film on paintwork fairings and exterior parts.

Used as a cleansing pre wash prior to shampooing or Snow Foaming a vehicle this Mango and Passion Fruit scented cleaner will soften and remove dirt such as grit, mud, bugs and bird droppings.

The bio-degradable waterbased formula is safe for use on push Bikes and Motorcycles. Water and contains no solvents.

Dilutions based on 500ml bottle mix ( topped with water )

  • 1 x 40ml – Very Light Cleaning
  • 2 x 40ml – Light Cleaning
  • 3 x 40ml – Medium Cleaning
  • 4 x 40ml – Heavy Cleaning
  • 6 x 40ml – Light Degreasing
  • NEAT – Heavy Duty Degreasing

Cleaning Directions for use: Simply rinse the surface well to remove any loose debris, spray product directly onto the surface and leave for 3 min and then to loosen to the dirt use a detailing brush or rinse the product away. Avoid using in direct sun light, shouldn’t be left on paint indefinitely, don’t allow to dry.


Super easy application, simply spray / agitate and rinse. Suitable for cleaning chains. Sprockets and engine components.

Please re lubricate chains and moving parts after using it as a de greaser.