Auto Finesse - Ceramic Wax -  500ml

Auto Finesse - Ceramic Wax - 500ml

Auto Finesse
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Auto Finesse Ceramic Enhancer 500ml

  • SiO2-based formula
  • Ultra-hydrophobic ceramic coating

The Auto Finesse Ceramic Enhancer 500ml is a next-generation, ultra-hydrophobic ceramic coating that’s applied with nothing more than a spray and a wipe.  Developed as a professional-level finisher capable of offering the most extreme water beading, this advanced SiO2-based formula instantly installs a slick, glossy surface layer for durable ceramic protection and a deep, show car shine.  

Directions for use:

1 - Ensure vehicle is clean and dry before application.
2 - Spritz a light mist over approximately half a panel at a time.
3 - Spread with a fresh microfibre cloth.
4 - Buff to a high gloss finish.

  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • Store upright at all times.