Auto Finesse - Lather Shampoo - 500ml.

Auto Finesse - Lather Shampoo - 500ml

Protect And Shine
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Lather 500ml

Lather - our signature shampoo - is specially formulated to be tough on grime but gentle enough to be safe of waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings.

A tangerine-scented blend of pH neutral surfactants and highly concentrated lubricants, this unique solution suds up quickly to create a lusciously thick, non-stripping foam that not only cuts thorough dirt, but actively lifts contaminants away from surfaces, lubricating any abrasive particles and allowing them to be safely rinsed away. 

Making a truly effective contact wash easier than ever before, Lather leaves behind no residue and has been developed to be super-concentrated in order to be diluted to suit any level of contamination. Bear in mind though, that a little always goes a long way here - strong cleaning power comes as standard, even from the highest dilution ratios.    

An essential component in the ultimate swirl-free wash.