Autobrite - 80mm Microfibre Cutting Pad

Autobrite - 80mm Microfibre Cutting Pad

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The Correct It! PRO microfibre cutting pad is designed to allow for quicker correctional ability via Dual action machine than a standard heavy cut foam pad.

The unique hybrid blend of fibres contained within this pad will allow deeper defects to be removed with less effort while reducing the possibility of leaving polishing defects.

The dense foam backing of the Pro microfiber pad also makes for a more comfortable machine polishing experience. The pro microfiber cutting pad is the ideal one step correction pad for most medium to hard clear coated vehicles.

Product Features

  • Brand new Correct It PRO! Pad
  • Microfibre for faster cutting
  • Perfect for heavily swirled and defected paint
  • Durable pad can be cleaned and reused many times.