Autobrite - Ballad Ultra Ceramic Wax 140G

Autobrite - Ballad Ultra Ceramic Wax 140G

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Waxes don’t get any better than this, stunning gloss with unrivaled protection thanks to the CERAMIC ingredients and high-quality polymers & carnauba. Beautifully presented in an embossed tin inside a luxurious velvet pouch.

Our best ceramic wax EVER and guaranteed to have you singing in the rain thanks to the mesmerising water behavior! Ballad was in development for almost 2 years in our lab and incorporates some of the very highest quality ingredients such as T1 grade carnauba and highly advanced ceramic polymers.

The ceramic content of the wax provides a greater chemical and abrasion resistance than other standard or hybrid waxes, whilst still providing that unmistakable warm carnauba glow. The end result is a wax that has self-cleaning properties, incredible levels of gloss and colour depth, and durability of around 6 months+ which is spectacular for a product this easy to apply. 

Product Features

  • Durability: 6 Months (Single layer) 8-9 Months (Double layer)
  • Tin Size: 140g
  • Applications per tin: 50+ full cars (depending on vehicle size)
  • Strong chemical resistance