Autobrite Direct - Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover - 500ml

Autobrite Direct - Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover - 500ml

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Treat heavy water spots with ease!

Ensure that the vehicle is clean and free from loose dirt or debris before applying the product to the surface. Apply a small amount of product to a microfibre applicator.

Easy application

Work the product into the affected areas using light pressure! Buff off the remaining residue with a soft microfibre towel.  The mildly acidic formula should then be neutralised and removed with water, a re-wash of the treated panel or a suitable quick detailer.

Great results!

Heavy water spots and mineral deposits can ruin your day when especially on darker-coloured vehicles! Make removing them easy with our Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover.

Easy to use! Quick! and Effective!



Product Description

Water spots and mineral deposits can easily ruin the finish of your vehicle, especially when working in the sun or working with hard water! The usual way to remove these would be to reach for an abrasive polish or compound! Not any more!!!

Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover instantly removes water marks from multiple surfaces, its advanced gel formula quickly and easily neutralises water marks and mineral deposits leaving a spotless finish. The mildly acidic formula allows for rapid removal without abrasive compounds or polishes, saving you time and effort!

Product Features

  • Removes water spots and mineral deposits with ease
  • Easy to apply
  • Pleasant pineapple fragrance
  • Works great on both painted surfaces and glass
  • Also works great around the home!