CarPro - Orange Microfibre Detailing Gloves

CarPro - Orange Microfibre Detailing Gloves

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The CarPro Orange Microfibre Gloves are designed to help you clean and detail small areas of your vehicle that may not be reachable with larger tools.

The gloves are made of the same soft, nonabrasive microfibre that the Orange Boa Microfibre Towels and useful for wiping wax residue out of panel gaps or crevices and applying products in tight spaces.

The one size fits all CarPro Plush Microfibre Gloves are a must when doing the final wipe down of a car. How many times has your hand slipped off of your microfibre towel and left behind smudges and oil marks? Then you have to turn around and buff that whole section over again! When you are wearing the CarPro Plush Microfibre Gloves not only does your hand grip more securely on the towel, but if you do slip off, no big deal! The plush microfibre weave prevents any smudges and fingerprints left by your hands. CarPro Plush Microfibre Gloves will help you reach those tiny areas that are often overlooked.

These Plush Microfibre Gloves feel so luxurious and soft, you may never want to use a regular microfibre glove again!

CarPro Plush Microfibre Gloves are reusable and can easily be washed using a dedicated microfibre detergent or a non-bio liquid detergent. Wash and treat the same as a regular microfibre cloth or towel.


-         Clean and detail difficult to reach areas

-         Wipe wax, polish, or residue out of seams and tight spaces

-         Avoid leaving fingerprints during your final wipe down

-         Form fitting gloves that do not hinder dexterity

-         Reduces the risk of leaving oil residue from your skin

-         Use for tight spaces, front grill holes, inside car and out

-         Washable and reusable (Use the same microfibre safe soap you use with your towels)


-         Quantity: 2 Gloves

-         Size: One size fits all

-         Material: Ultra Soft Plush Microfibre

-         Colour: Orange