CarPro - Reload 2.0 - 500ml

CarPro - Reload 2.0 - 500ml

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Carpro Reload 2.0: Silica & Siloxane Spray Sealant

Reload is an inorganic water-based formula composed from specially modified Silica (Sio2), glass nano components (5% total concentration). Now as a new formula, Reload 2.0 is the most cost effective inorganic spray sealant on the market at a fraction the cost of its closest competitor.

Reload offers a slick super hydrophobic layer which repels water like no other. Coupled with its ability to repel dirt and grime this leaves a stunning, glossy, and highly reflective shine. Very easy to use and ideal for enthusiasts or professionals alike. Once applied, Reload makes washing the car easier and faster. You will also find drying is no longer a chore as Reload leaves less water on the surfaces.

Preserving the same ease of application as the original, CARPRO have managed to improve everything about Reload’s performance. In essence: more gloss, extended durability, improved chemical and environmental resistances.

Originally formulated to maintain the protection and finish quality of CQUARTZ coatings, Reload has also proven itself as a standalone sealant, where it can offer up to 3 months of protection on daily drivers. Reload’s easy-to-use waterborne formula can be applied to all vehicle surfaces (even when damp), making it perfect for quickly topping up your vehicle’s protection and shine.

Please note: this product will only last six months if you use enough and maintain the vehicle using pH neutral shampoo. Without these factors, the longevity of Reload will be three months.

Bottle Size: 500ml, supplied with Tigger