Chemworx Collection - Glass Cleaner - 500ml

Chemworx Collection - Glass Cleaner - 500ml

Chemworx Collection
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Chemworx Collection Glass Cleaner is a superior glass cleaner that provides streak-free cleaning everytime.
Making light work of heavily soiled deposits on vehicle glass. This product is an alcohol formula that quickly dissolves oils, scum and greasy residues from glass. The high alcohol formulation flashes quickly, allowing for rapid cleaning, providing a streak-free finish every time.

How to Use:

Apply product either directly onto the glass or spray it onto a microfibre towel. Spread evenly and wipe to remove soiling, then remove residue with a second, clean glass cloth.

Pro Tips:

⊲Always use glass cleaner with dedicated glass cloths for best results.

⊲For vape users, glass should be pre-cleaned with hot water & clean microfibre towel before use.