Chemworx Collection - Re-New Tyre & Trim Dressing - 500ml

Chemworx Collection - Re-New Tyre & Trim Dressing - 500ml

Chemworx Collection
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Chemworx Tyre & Trim Dressing is a high-quality product designed to renew tyres and plastic trims back to a showroom standard. A blend of premium solvents and silicones offers a quick-drying and water repellent finish.

Layering this product can achieve high gloss and longer durability. The perfect finish is achieved by layering one initial layer that will leave a satin coat.

Additional layers will result in extra gloss. More layers equal more durability and higher gloss levels.


1.Brush on or apply via applicator work in evenly across the surface.

2. Remove excess product to achieve a natural look finish.

3. Can be layered to achieve a more durable & high gloss finish.


⊲For best results make sure all surfaces are clean and dry prior to application.

⊲Always remove excess product for best results.

⊲Easy application.

⊲Brush or sponge application.

⊲No sling formula.

⊲Can be layered.

⊲Long durability.

⊲Restores plastic trims.