Infinity wax - Diamond Vision

Infinity wax - Diamond Vision

Infinity Wax
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Diamond Vision is a glass sealant with a difference

It contains a high Si02 content with an instant bond for fast application. Due to the nature of ceramic coatings this sealant will last up to a year on rear and side windows, around 2 months on your windscreen but will never leave any glare or residue behind.

application is window at a time and very easy. this bottle is smaller than our other sprays and covers around 30 cars from 150ml! It really goes that far.

Highly rated by professionals and enthusiasts alike.


How To Use:

There are 2 ways to apply Diamond Vision.

Method 1: Apply to clean dry glass by spraying lightly over the entire window. Work on 1-2 windows at a time and allow 30 seconds to cure. To remove Diamond Vision simply jet wash away. This method is ideal for top up protection and when time is critical, although the level of protection will not be as powerful using this method.

Method 2: Apply to a clean dry window by misting 2-3 sprays onto 1 window at a time. Using a clean dry foam pad spread Diamond Vision over the glass in straight line motions, once coverage is complete remove straight away with a short pile clean and dry microfiber towel.