DIY Detail - 5 Year Ceramic Coating – 30ml

DIY Detail - 5 Year Ceramic Coating – 30ml

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Gloss, slickness, and ease of maintenance will be yours for 5 years with this easy-to-apply ceramic coating. This high-tech ceramic composite coating combines silicon dioxide (Si02), SiN, and Polysilazane to give you durable hydrophobic ceramic protection. This pro-level coating is so easy to apply that the first-time user will get spectacular results.

Unparalleled protection and durability for your vehicle. This professional-grade product is trusted by expert detailers for exceptional results.

Shield against harmful UV rays: Defend your vehicle's paint from sun damage with our long-lasting ceramic coating.

Professional application for optimal performance: Ensure precise and effective application for maximum paint protection.

Nano ceramic coating technology: Harness the power of nanotechnology for superior protection against water spots and contaminants.

Unlock the benefits of ceramic coating: Experience enhanced paint protection, easy maintenance, and longevity for your vehicle.

Perfectly paired with paint correction: Optimize results by combining our ceramic coating with comprehensive surface preparation.

Premium ceramic coating products: Trust our formulations for professional-grade performance and safeguard your car's paint.

Hydrophobic properties for easy maintenance: Effortlessly repel water, dirt, and debris, keeping your vehicle looking pristine.

Professional-grade durability: Our ceramic coating withstands the elements and provides long-lasting protection.

Defend against bird droppings and contaminants: Prevent permanent damage to your vehicle's paint with our reliable ceramic coating.

Superior paint protection: Preserve the gloss and finish of your car's exterior with our 5 Year Ceramic Coating.

Experience the long-lasting power of ceramic coating: Choose DIY Detail's 5-Year Ceramic Coating for unmatched protection.

Note: Please apply in a well-ventilated and wear a mask if needed. 

How To Apply

-         Start with a clean and dry surface.

-         Wipe down with DIY Detail panel prep.

-         Wearing gloves, in a well-ventilated area, apply several drops to the applicator pad.

-         Working in a circular motion apply the DIY Detail Ceramic Coating to a small area (a front fender for example).

-         Allow to dwell 2-5 minutes (dwell time is dependent on temperature and humidity).

-         Observe the surface, as the coating begins to cross link to the paint, the coating will transition from a liquid to what looks like an oil slick on water.

-         When 50% of the surface turns back to clear, start levelling the coating.

-         With a short nap towel, lightly wipe the surface, if the towel is dragging, or is getting wet, wait 1 min more.

-         Once the coating is levelled, use a plush towel to buff and remove high spots.

Size: 30ml (1oz)