DIY Detail Gold Standard Polish – 473ml

DIY Detail Gold Standard Polish – 473ml

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The DIY Detail Gold Standard Polish’s spray application is designed to provide proper dosing and polish distribution on the polishing pad. Spraying on the pad also reduces excessive product use.

The Gold Standard Car Polish quickly and gently removes fine swirls and towel marks to create a mirror - like reflection on your car's exterior. This product is safe on all glossy paints including clear coats.

With Gold Standard Polish, restoring materials to their original condition is a breeze. This versatile product simplifies maintenance, making cleaning a cinch for years to come.

Car polish removes imperfections and enhances shine by abrasively smoothing the surface, while wax adds a layer of protection and shine by filling in imperfections.

For the best results, use the car polish in the shade on a clean surface. Shine your car's paint with Gold Standard Polish.

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-         On a clean polishing pad apply one or 2 sprays to evenly coat the pad with polish.

-         Start your machine while on the surface to avoid polish sling.

-         The Gold Standard Polishing System works best at low speeds (Rotary 4-800 RPM, DA speed 3-4), and without pressure.

-         Work a small section in overlapping passes. Wipe off polish residue with your towel of choice.

-         If using both pads, it is not necessary to wipe off the polish residue.

-         When your pad becomes clogged with residue, clean your pad or change for a new one.

Size: 473ml (16oz)