Enhance -Polish And Pre Wax Cleaner 500ml.

Autobrite - Enhance - Polish And Pre Wax Cleaner 500ml

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Product Description

Enhance is a micro abrasive polish and paint cleanser, designed to rejuvenate tired paintwork by removing residual grime, oxidation, and light clear coat defects such as minor scratches and abrasion marks. Enhance contains no fillers, glazes or waxes and as such can be used together with your regular protection products.
Suitable for both hand and machine application Enhance offers a great finish on any paint type.

When used as a pre wax cleanser Enhance can form a cross-polymer bond with our other wax products to increase your waxes performance.

Product Features

  • Micro abrasives remove light swirls and abrasion marks
  • Cleaning agents remove bonded grime and residual waxes
  • Prepares paintwork for wax or sealant application
  • Promotes cross polymer bonding with waxes to enhance performance
  • 500ml