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Infinity Wax - Express Sealant - 500ml

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Express is quickly becoming the go to wet coat sealant for many professionals and enthusiasts. Simply spray onto a clean wet car using a snow foam lance or spray bottle, allow 30 secs to bond before simply rinsing away.

Results are instant, there is not question about the instant protection express delivers as you will see it in seconds! Great before waxing or use as a maintenance sealant after every wash to keep your car looking its best. Because its so fast and easy to use yet very cheap it gained popularity quickly, however it also seals wheels, glass and plastics making it a great all rounder.

We offer sealants for glass and wheels which are more powerful yet express is superb if you don't have time or are just looking to top up on existing protection.

Safety information: For use on automotive applications only. Do not use on vehicle interior. Apply Express Sealant in a well ventilated preferably in a dust free environment. Always wear gloves when using chemicals and avoid contact with bare skin. If irritation develops when using Express Sealant stop immediately and wash the effected area with plenty cold water and introduce gentle scrubbing. Express Sealant may cause irritation to eyes and air ways. Always stand up wind of any spray. If Express Sealant encounters eyes rinse thoroughly with eye wash. Keep out of reach of children! If swallowed contact your local emergency services and do not induce vomiting.

How To Use: Express Sealant has been designed with ease of use in mind. Using a fast acting polymer formula Express Sealant will bond to your vehicle instantly in all weather conditions. Express Sealant can be applied via trigger bottle, pump sprayer or snowfoam style lance. Apply Express Sealant directly to the exterior of the vehicle after cleaning, Express Sealant can be used when wet or dry. Allow 1 minute to settle on the surface if the vehicle before removing with high pressure jet wash. Alternatively you can remove using a microfiber drying towel. Do not allow Express Sealant to dry on to the vehicle.


500ml With Sprat Knozzle