Garage Therapy - Hades Wheel Coating - 30ml

Garage Therapy - Hades Wheel Coating - 30ml

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Hades is a highly resilient and durable hydrophobic ceramic coating for automotive alloy wheels and is based on the very latest Quartz Nano-Coating Technology. When applied, it forms a hard crystalline layer that is extremely resistant to heat and abrasion from brake dust particles but also highly resistant to chemical attack.

By forming strong covalent bonds to the surface, Hades forms a hard slick layer that enhances gloss and self cleaning characteristics thus accelerating the wheel cleaning process. As a result, Hades is the ideal coating for protecting components like brake callipers, suspension, exhaust and engine components

Box Includes:
1x Garage Therapy Hades Ceramic Wheel Coating
1x Garage Therapy coating applicator block
3x Applicator Suedes
1x Protective Gloves
1x Instructions

This product is suitable for painted, powder coated, anodised, matte and bare metal surfaces such as alloy, steel, stainless and titanium on automotive vehicles and motorbikes. Do not apply this product to aftermarket paint work for up to 2-3 months as a precaution, low quality paintwork, glass, textiles, absorbent materials such as tyres and soft trims.

Features and Specifications:
  - Premium Quality
  - Extremely Hydrophobic
  - Chemical resistance
  - Wash marring resistance
  - Extreme gloss and slickness
  - Salt and Corrosion Resistance
  - UV and Heat Resistance