Infinity Wax - Synergy Light.

Infinity Wax - Synergy Light

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Sprayable 1 year Ceramic Coating!

  • Beginner-friendly sprayable coating system
  • 1-year durability 
  • each bottle can cover 5 vehicles on average
  • Suitable for paintwork and wheels
  • Can be layered to help hide damage and scratches
  • Outdoor or indoor application 
  • Drive vehicle away within minutes of application

The highly anticipated Synergy Lite is finally here! So let's cover the basics, Lite is a pure coating, only in sprayable format. Not a "sealant" or some other product that performs similar to a ceramic coating, no this is the same technology that goes into the other ceramics but with a difference. 

Supplied in a 100ml glass tube with 2 spray heads Lite can be applied to any painted surface including wheels. Its unique bonding properties allow you to then remove the coating residue up to 15 minutes after initial application which allows several panels to be coated at once. Immediately you will notice the superb darkening properties of Lite which delivers a rich depth to the paintwork and in turn offers an excellent filling ability, covering minor imperfections meaning this coating is suitable also for those who do not wish to machine polish their vehicle. It can also be layered as many times as you like within the first hour of application to build it up and cover/ fill scratches in paintwork and does this very well. 

One of the key aspects however of this product is its ease of use, when spreading it even on a car that has not had correction or machine polishing work, it goes on like a dream! Equally the removal is beyond effortless. It's actually tricky to put into words how easy it is. Unlike other coatings, you won't be pushing the product around or creating smears. Lite comes off with a single pass of the towel! This also makes it a very safe product for a beginner to use making high spots a thing of the past. Of course on a corrected car the process is also effortless allowing professionals to complete the job quicker.

Another unique aspect of Lite is its curing, once the coating residue has been removed the vehicle can be moved, or used within 5 minutes! No more "store indoors for 12 hours" like with other coatings. But you may ask, how does that work? After all ceramic coatings need time to fully bond to the surface. Yes, there is no getting away from the fact that coatings need time. However in the case of Lite, we have infused 2 polymer elements that act as a sacrificial layer to the coating immediately from application. They make the surface hydrophobic right away and also reduce the chance of water spots. These polymers last until the vehicle's first wash, which we recommend doing no earlier than 7 days from the initial application (the vehicle can get wet within the first 7 days but do not clean with detergents). After the 7 days no-wash period you are free to wash your vehicle as normal with quality detergents, we recommend the use of wax-free shampoos such as Pure Shampoo and a quality snowfoam like Wipeout. From this point, the coating will exhibit truly exceptional water beading and sheeting which makes cleaning your vehicle substantially easier.