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Synergy Revolution - Advanced Wheel Coating

If you are looking for a high performance 2+ year ceramic coating for wheels, brakes, and high-impact areas that can be applied at home by a DIY or professional and is compatible with air sprayer systems, look no further!

Synergy Revolution is an all new wheel coating for 2024 and has been designed specifically to outperform everything else available in the UK right now.

It’s both forgiving to use and DIY-friendly, meaning you can apply this if you have no prior experience installing coatings.
Or if you are a professional, you can easily integrate Revolution into your workflow and see improved results and quicker turnaround times.

Revolution is a concoction of 7 key ingredients and technical solvents, most of which originate from Germany. We utilise organic polysilazane resin as you would find in most coatings, however, we have infused this with a much more durable inorganic variant. This creates an impenetrable barrier that will withstand temperatures up to 1400 degrees Celsius, and the cyclic cooling effects of hot and cold that kills traditional coatings quickly. In addition, the cherry on the cake is a Diaminosiloxane additive, which adds thermal stability, chemical resistance, and a surprising level of flexibility to what would usually be a hard and brittle coating structure. Such additives are most commonly seen in the aerospace industry where extreme temperature and weather resistance is required.

Synergy Revolution takes the most advanced material science and encapsulates it into an easy to use product that anyone can get along with and get great results. It is durable for 2 years+ on a daily driven vehicle and is considered permanent on show/ infrequent use vehicles.

Revolution uses 2 application methods, either use it as you normally would, with an applicator and via the included pipette dropper.
Or via the Synergy Air system (coming very soon). The air system is a precise application method for permanently coating high wear and hidden areas. It's incredibly accurate and a huge time saver for those coating wheels regularly.

Whatever method you choose, you can be assured of very forgiving ease of use and simply amazing results. Revolution adds measurable gloss, slickness, and outstanding water, dust, and dirt repellency to your wheels.

In addition, it is friendly on all painted wheel finishes, this includes satin and matte wheel finishes making it a 1 purchase solution for all application scenarios.