Invisible Glass Clean & Repel Aerosol

Invisible Glass Clean & Repel Aerosol

invisible Glass
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Invisible Glass Clean & Repel is a premium cleaner and repellent for exterior windows and windscreens.

Clean & Repel contains a powerful glass cleaner that removes tough dirt, dust, sap, bird droppings, grease, adhesives and fingerprints. It contains no dyes or foamy soaps. It leaves no streaks, just clean, clear glass.

In addition to providing superior cleaning power, Clean & Repel also contains a long-lasting repellent that repels rain, snow and ice from your windows and windscreens.

You’ll experience better visibility for longer with Stoner Invisible Glass Clean & Repel.


-         Use on exterior windows and windscreens

-         Safe for tinted windows

-         Streak-free glass cleaner with added rain repellent

Size: 19oz (539g)