Invisible Glass - Cleaner Wipes

Invisible Glass - Cleaner Wipes

invisible Glass
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Invisible Glass gives you glass so clear it seems to disappear!

Do you find yourself cleaning and re-cleaning your glass surfaces trying to obtain perfect results? Of course you do!

Try Invisible Glass Wipes.

Invisible Glass is the only glass cleaner you’ll ever need. It’s so amazing and cleans glass so well; you’ll think it’s invisible. Invisible Glass Wipes clean remarkably fast, leaving no streaks, no haze, and no residue whatsoever!

Professional detailers swear by Invisible Glass. And why wouldn’t they? After all, it removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, haze, oil, grease, and sap easily from glass.

Not only does Invisible Glass get the job done; like all quality Stoner car care products, it has been formulated for ease of use and to work as quickly as possible, without sacrificing performance.

Enthusiasts overwhelmingly report Invisible Glass as being the best product they have ever used, and the last one they will ever try!

Invisible Glass is so simple to use! Each Invisible Glass Wipe is saturated with highly effective glass cleaner. Gently wipe surface to lift and remove grime. Clean both sides of glass to ensure streak free results. Invisible Glass eliminates residue from smoke, airborne dirt and platicizer film.

Don’t forget to clean your wiper blades with Invisible Glass. Simply wipe them down with an Invisible Glass Wipe.

Drive with the confidence of knowing you’ve ensured the clarity of your windscreen and windows with Stoner Invisible Glass Wipes!

* Safe on tinted windows

Contains 28 wipes

Each wipe is 7 x 12 inches